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Super draining supplement | The only one with 100% Natural BIO Moringa | Convenient tasteless capsules.

With Bromelain, extracted from the Pineapple Stem, an enzyme that is extremely effective against the inflammations that cause the appearance of cellulite

The only one with BIO Moringa Olfeifera . The plant with the most antioxidants known.

Reduces blemishes already in 2 weeks

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is the second time I buy from this website! Reliable, fast delivery. I have to say, this product does what it's supposed to do. It's the second pack I order and I will order it again... Thank you, RedMoringa! Chantal

Approved by the Ministry of Health

Made in Italy

Only Natural ingredients

With certified dry extracts

RED MORINGA – Food supplement based on Bromelain, Pineapple and Moringa. Draining and Anti Cellulite

Have you been fighting against cellulite for some time and don’t know how to do it? We know exactly how you feel, which is why we tell you that there is no single solution, but our Bromelain and Pineapple draining supplement can help you.💚

🌿 Bromelain is famous for its anti-inflammatory functions, Pineapple is an excellent diuretic and Moringa is a superfood rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Fight the inflammation that causes Cellulite from within (but remember to drink lots of water during the day).

Our laboratory has enclosed, in this new supplement for drainage, the force of nature of these elements, combining them in an exclusive and totally natural formula useful for fighting cellulite and eliminating excess liquids.

Notified to the Ministry of Health

Tasteless capsules. Try it now!

60 Vegetable capsules, enough for 1 month.


It fights cellulite - it dehydrates.

Cellulite is often viewed as just an aesthetic problem, but the origin of this flaw lies in inflammation.

We extract bromelain from the stem of the pineapple, an extremely effective enzyme for fighting inflammation and therefore the cause of cellulite.

The pineapple stem from which we extract bromelain to then standardize it to ensure a working dietary supplement has diuretic effects and is an effective diuretic. We therefore recommend taking 2 capsules per day and drinking 2 liters of water.

Proper hydration, exercise, and a low-salt diet are all good habits to reduce fluid buildup in tissues. Adding a bromelain-based diuretic supplement to a healthier lifestyle actively combats the stagnation of these fluids and therefore cellulite.

The exclusive formula of our Bromelain supplement is enriched with organic Moringa, the plant with the highest antioxidant content, to help you regain your well-being.

Bromelain supplement 5000 gdu


This food supplement, reinforced in its formula, is the result of careful research and specific development aimed at the needs of those looking for natural anti-cellulite support and diuretic action.

🥇 UNIQUE FORMULA IN ITALY - This exclusive formula combines Bromelain 5000 GDU, organic Moringa and a blend of dry extracts.

Our bestseller "Moringa Pineapple and Bromelina" previously contained Bromelain 2500 GDU, which we replaced with the more standardized and effective 5000 GDU to make room in the herbal capsule.

This allowed us to incorporate new dry extracts from plants such as birch or yarrow, which are known for their draining properties.

These ingredients work synergistically to support the fight against cellulite and promote the elimination of excess fluids.

✔️ Bromelain 5000 GDU, extracted from the stem of the pineapple, is known for its anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties that help fight the inflammation underlying cellulite.

✔️ Organic Moringa, a superfood rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, helps improve the overall health of the body.

✔️ Dry extracts from pineapple stalk, birch, yarrow, angelica, laspedenza, goldenrod complement the formula and enhance the draining and diuretic effect of the dietary supplement.

Thanks to these properties, the dietary supplement with Pineapple, Moringa and Bromelain 5000 GDU and RedMoringa can provide effective support in the fight against cellulite and in reducing excess fluids.

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Lucetta Pastorino
Prontezza professionalità cortesia tracciamento com

Da più di un anno mi avvalgo dei vostri prodotti, li consiglio ad amici anche per la qualità dei servizi.

Barbara Tomassoni

Ho acquistato questo integratore per la prima volta e lo sto usando solo da poco,per ora ho notato un aumento della quantità di urina durante la giornata. L' azienda mi ha dato fiducia in particolare per il via libera del ministero della salute.

Barbara Tomassoni

Ich habe dieses Nahrungsergänzungsmittel zum ersten Mal gekauft und benutze es erst seit kurzer Zeit. Bisher habe ich eine Zunahme der Urinmenge im Laufe des Tages festgestellt. Das Unternehmen hat mein Vertrauen gewonnen, insbesondere durch die Zulassung des Gesundheitsministeriums.

Roberta P.

Prodotti arrivati in pochissimi giorni, di livello molto buono (sono già al secondo ordine), personale disponibile a rispondere a qualsiasi dubbio o domanda online, frequenti offerte, sconti e promozioni. Sono molto soddisfatta e sicuramente in futuro proverò altri prodotti.

Roberta P.

Die Produkte sind in sehr wenigen Tagen angekommen, von sehr guter Qualität (ich bin bereits bei meiner zweiten Bestellung). Das Personal ist verfügbar, um online alle Zweifel oder Fragen zu beantworten. Es gibt häufige Angebote, Rabatte und Aktionen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und werde in Zukunft sicherlich auch andere Produkte ausprobieren.

In all RedMoringa Food Supplements the ingredients are exclusively of vegetable origin, 100% natural. At the same time we want to offer you a real remedy, so in our formulas you will always find titrated dry extracts and not simple “powders” of leaves or roots. The supplement for draining excess liquids is based on (the values in mg refer to the recommended daily amount of 2 capsules):

✔️ Bromelain Titrated 2500 GDU/g – 300mg

✔️ Moringa Leaves Powder – 300 mg

✔️ Pineapple stem dry extract – 300mg

Ingredients: Pineapple stem (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.) dry extract tit. Bromelain (250 GDU/g), Bromelain 2500 GDU/g powder, Moringa (Moringa oleifera Lam.) leaves powder, capsule shell (food gelatin), corn starch, anti-caking agents: magnesium salts of fatty acids.

Find out who we are

We grow Moringa in Spain with EU organic certification and process it in Italy to guarantee you the best quality and a traceable supply chain.

Each of our supplements is designed primarily to help with the specific problem. This is a time-consuming process that requires extensive study.

That's why you'll only find a few products in our shop, made with high-quality standardized dry extracts and a large portion of love.

"We want to restore one of nature's most amazing plants to its former glory: the Moringa Oleifera."

Alberto & Luca RedMoringa Founders

Questions? We have the answers.

What is bromelain used for?

Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from the stem of pineapple, known for its anti-inflammatory and draining properties. It is effective in combating the inflammations that cause cellulite and promotes the elimination of excess fluids, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

How to take bromelain?

It is recommended to take 2 capsules in the morning, preferably before breakfast, with a glass of water. It is important to follow the instructions on the product label to achieve the best results. Additionally, drinking at least 2 liters of water per day helps enhance the draining effect of bromelain.

Where is bromelain found?

Bromelain is naturally found in the stem of pineapple, from which it is extracted and purified for use in dietary supplements. It is available in various formulations, such as capsules or tablets, to facilitate intake.

Why take bromelain?

Bromelain is taken for its powerful anti-inflammatory and draining properties. It is particularly useful for those looking to combat cellulite and reduce water retention. Additionally, due to its digestive properties, it can also improve digestion and relieve bloating symptoms.

Dosage of Bromelain, Pineapple, and Moringa

The recommended dosage for our supplement containing Bromelain 5000 GDU, Pineapple, and Moringa is 2 capsules per day. This amount provides an optimal balance to achieve anti-inflammatory and draining benefits, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve overall health.

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Benefits of Moringa

All of our nutritional supplements are based on organic Moringa, a true treasure trove of natural well-being. Moringa is the best known antioxidant plant, rich in vitamins, calcium, plant proteins and amino acids.

Discover the only Italian line of food supplements based on Moringa Oleifera.

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